• The growing role of the DFIs in International Development Policy

  • 26 October 2009
  • As contribution to the discussion about the bilateral DFI's involvement in private sector development, the Nordic DFIs launched a report in Stockholm on October 23.

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  • The Growing Role of DFIs in International Development Policy

  • 08 July 2010
  • As contribution to the discussion about the bilateral DFI's involvement in private sector development, the EDFI members have in July 2010 launched a new consultancy report as a follow-up to the report of the Nordic DFIs, published in Stockholm in October 2009. The new report covers the activities of all 15 EDFI members.

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  • New Report finds International Finance Institutions critical for job creation in emerging markets

  • 24 September 2011
  • The report, International Finance Institutions and Development through the Private Sector, was launched during the World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings. It was produced by 31 international finance institutions (IFIs). Senior officials of more than 20 IFIs are attending the launch event.

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  • Executive Summary of EDFI Guidelines for OFCs

  • 20 June 2011
  • EDFI has established a permanent working group to develop and maintain shared guidelines for transactions involving EDFIs and entities domiciled in offshore financial centres.

    The recommendations of the working group are summarised in this updated Executive Summary.

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  • EDFI Flagship Report 2016

  • 07 July 2016
  • Investing to create jobs, boost growth and fight poverty

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  • EDFI energy evaluation 2012

  • 20 July 2012
  • Synthesis of findings from in-depth evaluations by Dalberg consultants of three EDFI energy infrastructure investments in sub-Saharan Africa in 2012. The evaluation focused on understanding the development impact and distilling lessons learned for the energy sub-sector. The investments evaluated are Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) in Zambia, and two Kenyan power plants, Olkaria III and Rabai Power.

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  • EDFI Brochure

  • 16 January 2015

  • EDFI Brochure

  • 21 February 2012
  • Presentation of the European Development Finance Institution network, the 2011 results and the co-investment facilities (EFP and ICCF)

  • EDFI Annual Report 2014

  • 04 September 2015
  • EDFI 2014 ANNUAL REPORT on the EDFI activities, co-financing facilities EFP & ICCF and individual results of the EDFI members

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  • EDFI Annual Report 2010

  • 20 June 2011
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