• Newsletter 9 - November 2008

  • 24 November 2008
  • CDC welcomes new investment policy targets, BSTDB Establishes technical cooperation fund with OeEB, OeEB joins EFP, DEG symposium on CS, Norfund launches its web game.

  • Newsletter 24- January 2013

  • 31 January 2013
  • Contributing to Creating More and Better Job: joint communiqué of 13 EDFI members and other IFIs;  FMO partners with AFC to launch early stage project development facility in Sub- Saharan Africa; Successful exit from Accion fun;  Cofides finances the expansion of Rinder Group in India; DEG: EUR 25m for food production in Paraguay; New greenfield microfinance institution launched in Karachi; TECNOCOM settles in Dominican Republic with COFIDES support; FMO helped finance a new mercury waste processing plant in Thailand.


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  • Newsletter 23 - December 2012

  • 10 December 2012
    1  FMO, BIO and Proparco finance a USD 55.5 million syndicated facility for LOMC in Sri Lanka  2 Swedfund, Ifu, Finnfund and Norfund: Nordic Development Finance Institutions invest in Norsad Finance  limited 2 DEG: 50 years of successful private-sector promotion in developing and emerging-market countries 4 Swedfund participates in UN Global Compact and the UN Principles for Responsible Investment: UN PRI 5 Sbi-Bmi co-finances the first rendering plant in Serbia  5 FMO: Central Bank of Nigeria implements sustainable banking principles 6  Cofides will finance Grupo Fuertes’ expansion in Russia 7 Norfund opens new office in Maputo  7 CDC: dfid impact fund – a request for proposals  8 Finnfund: SaraRasa pioneers pellet production in Indonesia   9 DEG: Successful development through the private sector

  • Newsletter 22 - September 2012

  • 12 September 2012
    1 Sweden Ghana Medical Centre in Accra officially inaugurated 2 Pacadar consolidates its expansion in Panama with Cofides 2 BIO commits USD 5 million to ARREND  3  OeEB Development Report 2011  3 Simest: new  Chairman  and Board of Directors 4 FMO and Fairview introduce fund of funds for Africa   4 FMO issues USD 41.3 million 6-year Sustainability Bonds  5 Establishment of Masolivergrup in the Dominican Republic with  Cofides financing 5 Proparco supports financing for energy efficiency and clean energy projects in Turkey 6 BIO: “One Laptop per Child”   7 FMO, DEG, Proparco: USD 330 million in loans for  Takoradi2 project

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  • Newsletter 21 - May 2012

  • 15 May 2012

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  • Newsletter 20 - January 2012

  • 24 January 2012
  • DEG and OeEB deepen their cooperation; Celebration of the 40th anniversary of BMI-SBI in the prestigious “Egmont Palace”; FMO, Swedfund, DEG, BIO joint investment in Addax Bioenergy, Sierra Leone; Swedfund Appoints Anders Craft Acting Managing Director and Hires Six Investment Staff; FMO and Proparco make their  first investment in photovoltaics; SOFID helps SISIL in providing cooling systems to Mozambique; Norfund Ready to move into “fragile states”: Myanmar and South-Sudan; FMO hosts conference on boosting investments in sustainable forestry and forest carbon; Cofides activities grew by over 17% in 2011; Swedfund Receives Capital Injection; FMO finances Tbilisi housing project; FMO, Proparco and DEG make 70 million US-dollars available to Base Titanium Ltd., a natural resource project in Kenya; Plastics alt camp reinforces its international activity with COFIDES financial support

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  • Newsletter 19 - November 2011

  • 19 November 2011
  • New Report Finds International Finance Institutions Critical for Job Creation in Emerging Markets; CDC appoints dana noble as new Chief Executive; Doing Business report launch in Brussels sponsored by EDFI; Norfund: Re-opening of earthquake damaged hydropower plant in the Philippines; OeEB: Renewable-Energy Investment in Honduras Will Help Power Thousands of Households;Premium ingredients in india to expand production capacity with Fonpyme and Cofides Financial support; Proparco investors’ club: new players in africa; DEG promotes wind power in Latin America;Leading Development Finance Institutions Launch Corporate Governance Framework to Support Emerging markets; FMO supports SMEs and women entrepreneurs in Turkey...

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  • Newsletter 18 - June 2011

  • 02 June 2011
  • COFIDES supports the Spanish company SOLUTEX to produce essential oils and extracts in India; CDC publishes 2010 annual review; DEG looks back at a successful year 2010; DEG: first projects in Iraq; global water award 2011 to DEG client; FINNFUND: Cape Verde sets the pace for wind power in Africa; NORFUND: co-hosts the conference new African connections  -opportunities when finance, technology and health care meet; NORFUND invests in small scale solar panel company; NORFUND’s SN power Africa rebranded to Agua Imara; PROPARCO‘s strong commitment to fighting climate change; PROPARCO commitments raise to €944 mln in 2010; PROPARCO’s arrival on the carbon finance market; PROPARCO magazine: the 10th issue of is now available; SIMEST: 2010 activities and prospects for 2011  growth; SWEDFUND invests in the Belarusian wood industry; FMO, IFC and AfDB invest in Dibamba Power Company to improve Cameroon‘s electricity supply; FMO signs UNPRI and becomes a GIIN member; FMO approves new focus sector

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  • Newsletter 17 - February 2011

  • 02 February 2011
  • BIO: The first « Single Origin Made in Vietnam » chocolate; Bio invests USD 5 million in SACEF; CDC launches ESG Tookit; CDC board visits Kenya and Uganda; Consultation on the future of CDC; COFIDES  Participates In  China’s First Major Desalination Project; COFIDES supports fersa bearings to establish in China; DEG supports bank for small and medium-sized enterprises in Cameroon; DEG improves health care in developing countries; DEG:symposium on SME financing in developing Countries; FMO: Opening E-Power facility in Haiti; New Credit Facilities for Delta Brac Housing by FMO and Triodos; FMO: Opinion article regarding the effects of BASEL III on Dutch Trade finance; Norfund and FMO acquired stake in Family Bank (Kenya); Norfund receives increased funding for renewable energy projects; Norfund: SME Fund investment Craft Silicon wins Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship; EUROPEAN FINANCING PARTNERS replenished with €225 million; New Chairman of of EDFI

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  • Newsletter 16 - October 2010

  • 30 September 2010
  • Nordic DFIs: Investing for Development, Bio announces first SME investment in Peru, DEG finances health insurance company in Mexico, SBI-BMI Helps IBA To Expand Its Radiopharmaceutical Distribution Network In Asia, DEG finances submarine cable to West Africa, DEG promotes private sector in Africa, FMO: Ameriabank CJSC sets example with implementation of ESMS system, FMO: Semi-annual results, FMO provides scarce private equity for clean technology in Mekong region, PROPARCO: Local currency funding for a mobile phone network in Chad, SWEDFUND visits Ethiopia, COFIDES: First Investment Project In Panama, COFIDES Provides Financial Support To 12 Projects In The First Half Of 2010, COFIDES: New Investment Financing Facilities For Private Projects In ICT, Renewable Energy And Infrastructure

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