OeEB - The Development Bank of Austria


Strauchgasse 3
1011 Vienna
Tel: +43-1-533 12 00-0
Fax: +43-1-533 12 5252
Email: office@oe-eb.at

General Information

Oesterreichische Entwicklungbank AG (OeEB - the Development Bank of Austria)has been an EDFI member since April 1, 2008. OeEB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB), the Export Credit Agency of Austria, and is mandated to support commercially self-sustaining projects in the private sector of developing countries (OECD DAC-list) that contribute to sustainable development and respect social and environmental standards. The activities of OeEB are not tied to national interests and as a development bank it does not compete with commercial banks, but complements their activities.

OeEB is engaged in challenging markets. In this context, it provides financing solutions for a diverse set of long-term investments that are usually not available in these markets. Because of its special mandate, OeEB can assume higher risks on individual transactions, compared to commercial banks.

With respect to financial instruments, OeEB can act as equity partner or provide mezzanine financing, long-term loans, refinancing lines for financial institutions, participation in funds or financial institutions.

In addition to the commercial financing activities, OeEB has been provided by the Government of Austria with grant money to finance technical assistance measures to enhance the developmental impacts.
Although a privately-owned bank, the political and commercial risks involved in the projects of OeEB are covered by sovereign guarantees issued by the Government of Austria.

OeEB is incorporated as a joint stock company under the laws of the Federal Republic of Austria and has its registered office in Vienna.