SWEDFUND - Swedfund International AB


P.O. Box 3286
SE-103 65 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 725 94 00
Fax: +46 8 20 30 93
Email: info@swedfund.se

General Information

Swedfund International AB offers risk capital and know-how for investments in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe (non-EU members). Swedfund´s mandate is to contribute to the development of viable businesses thereby stimulating sustainable economic development in its investment countries. We are a limited liability company owned 100% by the Swedish state. Swedfund is specialised in the field of complex investment environments with a high level of country risk. With a broad spectrum of financial solutions, combined with knowledge and experience, Swedfund enables our partners to invest more successfully.

Together with strategic and financial partners we have invested in more than 220 companies in our countries of operation during the 30 years of our existence.
At present, Swedfund has 38 employees. Our head office is in Stockholm and we also have a regional office in Nairobi, Kenya.


Swedfund offers risk capital in the form of equity and loans. At present we do not undertake new fund investments pending a review by our owner.


wedfund serves as a minority shareholder. Normally our stake does not exceed one third of the total investment. Generally speaking, we invest somewhere between SEK 10 million and SEK 100 million. Our financial risk is offset by our partner’s exposure.

Our investments involve long-term but limited commitments. Their duration varies from five to ten years, depending on what stage the company is at when we become involved. Exit terms are typically negotiated prior to committing funds.

Loans with equity features can also be considered.


Swedfund can extend medium term loans on market terms. The interest rate is commercial and depends on the project and the country risk, on loan collateral and the length of the grace and repayment period.

Financial support

Swedfund also offers financial support (called Swedpartnership) to small and medium-sized Swedish enterprises in the form of depreciation loans for investments in knowledge transfer and equipment. The project must be based on long-term commercial cooperation between the Swedish enterprise and a company in the target country.