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General Information

CDC’s supports the building of businesses in the poorest parts of Africa and South Asia, creating jobs and making a lasting difference to people’s lives.
Owned by the UK government’s Department for International Development, CDC is the world’s oldest development finance institution and has been investing in businesses in the developing world for over 60 years.

A new business plan

Under its new business plan, announced in May 2011, CDC concentrates on the low and lower-middle income countries of sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia where 70% of the world’s poor live. In lower-middle ncome countries, CDC’s investments focus is on regions and sectors of need where capital is scarce. CDC is also expanding its range of investment instruments. As well as investing in private equity funds, CDC will now invest directly – through co-investing in the early stages of implementing the new plan – as well as through debt and guarantees.

CDC requires its fund managers and their investee businesses to sign up to its Investment Code. This commits them to best international practice on standards in environment, social and governance matters.

The company has built up a net asset value of £2.8bn, with capital invested in over 1,000 businesses of all sizes and across all sectors. These businesses support the lives of some three million people and in 2011 generated over US$3bn in taxes for host governments. In this way CDC makes a lasting contribution to sustainable development because a thriving private sector, as the engine of economic growth, is essential for developing economies to lift themselves out of poverty in the long term.