FMO - Netherlands Development Finance Company


Anna van Saksenlaan 71
P.O. Box 93060
2509 AB The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)70 314 96 96

General Information

The entrepreneurial development bank

FMO is the Dutch development bank.  It is committed to growing a healthy private sector in developing countries. FMO offers a full range of financial instruments for the benefit of private companies and financial institutions in developing economies. To meet the needs of individual projects, a mix of funding can be provided including loans (such as syndicated loans), equity, mezzanine, guarantees and capital markets.

What FMO brings to the table is more than the scarce long-term finance their clients need to grow their businesses.  We continuously look for new opportunities and ways to support our clients to achieve their goals. We share knowledge, forge enduring partnerships and provide finance with the aim of improving management skills and technical know-how. Sound environmental and social management and good governance (ESG) go hand in hand with good financial results. FMO supports its clients in implementing ESG best practices. In some cases, we offer reduced interest rates for clients who successfully implement ESG policies.

FMO's investment portfolio is € 5.9 billion (2011), making it one of the largest bilateral development banks worldwide. FMO has an AAA rating from Standard and Poor's and has obtained a banking license from the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) in March 2008. FMO was formed in 1970 through a partnership between the Dutch government and Dutch commercial banks, industry, trade and labour unions.

By taking risks other banks cannot or dare not take, we always strive to be additional to the activities of commercial investors.  While FMO finances a portion of the capital needed, its participation also enables other financial institutions to join in investments, thus mobilizing significantly more funding than any single investor could generate on its own. We work with a network of selected partners across the world and cooperate closely with multilateral and bilateral financial institutions and commercial banks.