Investing to create jobs, boost growth, and fight poverty and climate change

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The European Association of bilateral DFIs

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Improving people’s lives – for current and future generations – in the world’s poor places through the engine of private sector growth.

We believe that entrepreneurship is key to creating sustainable economic growth and jobs. Therefore, we support entrepreneurs and enter markets where few others dare to tread and provide long-term financing at market-oriented rates.

What is a DFI ?

DFIs – development finance institutions – are government-backed institutions that invest in private sector projects in low and middle income countries to promote job creation and sustainable economic growth, and to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, alongside aid agencies and development banks.

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What is EDFI ?

EDFI, the Association of bilateral European Development Finance Institutions, was founded in 1992 and currently represents 14 member institutions. In addition to support members to implement their vision, EDFI serves to inform the public and government stakeholders about their role and contribution to development.

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What is EDFI's role ?

  • EDFI’s mission is to foster EDFI members’ cooperation with European Union institutions and other DFIs, improve their efficiency and effectiveness, provide them with common representation, develop and support joint policies, and secure financing opportunities.
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